Daniel McCarthy | Content Writer

World (116 News), Technology (7 News), Science (10 News), Entertainment (4 News), Health (2 News), US (3 News), Sports (1 News)

Daniel McCarthy is a content writer having adequate experience in the website developing field. He is interested in business related news as he graduated in economics degree. Daniel's articles make people understand clearly about the business news which many readers find difficult. He is an asset to our company with peculiar thinking nature.

Amy Walsh | Editor

World (25 News), Entertainment (9 News), US (2 News), Science (4 News), Health (1 News), Technology (1 News)

Amy Walsh is an editor who earlier worked in a reputed daily newspaper company. Amy's hard-working nature provoked her as a well-established editor in the field of journalism. Amy would guide her fellow mates in the team with encouraging manner. She loves to criticise the unnecessary beliefs in the society.

Lakshmi Lund | Writer

Science (3 News)

Vijayan Sankar | Writer

Science (41 News), US (17 News), Health (25 News), World (11 News), Technology (2 News), Entertainment (2 News)

Vijayan Sankar is an English graduate who has a deep passion for writing. His main interest is in writing news about education, healthcare, nutrition, lifestyle, and also about technology.

Big Data, Data analytics, Chatbots, BI, AI and its subsidiaries are handled by him and now writing extensively on political and live news. He always likes to learn new things and wish to become a better human being each passing day and an excellent wordsmith.

Siva Ranjani | Writer

Science (14 News), World (3 News), US (6 News), Health (22 News), Entertainment (1 News)

Sivaranjani builds her passion in writing general things and that's her plus to correlate herself with current affairs. She loves learning new things and grasps ideas spontaneously; That habituate her to write things and give it a life.
Her point always be eccentric and reader based so the touchwood is high in her writing. She loves to travel, food and exploring what's new! She believes in reality and her writing reflects it too.

Nisha Gowri | Writer

World (34 News), Science (32 News), Technology (15 News), US (6 News)

Nisha, a skilled and passionate writer has a vast experience in writing and she is very much interested in writing Technology based articles and all about the latest developments in Science and Technology. Before being a writer Nisha is a great reader who observes intense information and likes to write on her own interpretation about various topics.

She is also interested in writing Sensational world news and Economical news happening around the world. More than passing on the information, her writings convey demanding changes along with a great reading time for the audiences. Apart from being a writer, Nisha is a great singer with terrific interest and talent in the musical field. Pursuing on her road to the Civil services, she is also making her writing career grow and reach more people.

Anusha Satish | Writer

Health (7 News), Science (14 News), US (1 News), World (3 News), Technology (3 News)

Anusha is a content writer with more than 5 years of experience supporting various media platforms. Fielded various domains and created plagiarism-free content dissolving my own thoughts and ideas. Passion has just poured in though she embarked her journey as an amateur writer. Just plugged the gaps in her thought process which has resulted in what she is now. Not to be boastful, her passion for writing has developed seamlessly in various domains.

“Develop without demarcation else you diminish” is what the quotidian message she recites. This practice is indeed helping her to constantly grow. Respite you need at times in any profession, but content creation stands niche when you get the grip of it. Invigorated interest within her keeps her moving inquisitively. Her attitude now is oriented towards her passion

Naveen Kumar | Writer

Entertainment (730 News), US (43 News), Technology (23 News), World (72 News), Sports (50 News), Health (1 News), Science (8 News), (2 News)

Naveen, a young writer has a desire for writing articles related to Entertainment particularly movies and sports. He is passionate towards cinema and loves to watch movies of any language. His writings are mostly lined up with the hot topics being discussed currently, movie review, sports and cinema - related news, lifestyle, politics and psychological articles.

He has his own style in explaining a concept and his articles are very informative and interesting to read.

Chandra Prabu | Writer

Science (7 News), Health (9 News), Entertainment (327 News), US (8 News), World (26 News), Technology (27 News), Sports (3 News), (4 News)

Chandra Raja Prabu is a Technical Writer also covers Social Media News who is Interested in Travelling, learning about different traditions, tasting new cuisines etc.. His writings are based on the technology, travel blogs and investigative articles giving a great reading time to the readers.

Uma | Senior Content Writer

Health (70 News), Technology (9 News), World (23 News), Science (6 News), US (15 News)

Uma is a Senior Content Writer who started her career as a Medical Transcriptionist for the American Doctors earlier and now a content writer. The medical training given to her helped to understand the medical terms better. She is very much interested in content writing, collecting Health News worldwide and publish interesting articles to the world periodically through the mass media, to serve the readers with useful information's.

Karthick | Writer and Sub Editor

Entertainment (1 News), Health (11 News), Technology (221 News), World (12 News), Science (37 News), (2 News)

Karthick Rajkumar, a well-knowledged entertainment columnist, who previously worked as an Engineer. Even though he was new to the firm the articles will show the rest of his interest and enthusiasm in the field of writing.

He always likes to write entertainment news and sports rather than any mind blasting politics. As like his writing he is also a complete entertainer. But with a strong desire to possess honours of achievements in future.

Karthick grabbed a deep knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering and Writing too.

Rasu | Content Writer

World (9 News), US (4 News), Science (6 News), Health (2 News), Entertainment (43 News), Sports (1 News), Technology (4 News)

Rasu is basically web consultant and lead content writer in various projects. With 10+ years experience, helps him to get update Entertainment related news and able to publish as very latest.
Now he works more on Political news and technology related news. He believes in professionalism and client satisfaction is his ultimate goal. He had solved critically issues and achieved great heights with his managerial skills.

Gokul Saravanan | Reporter and Writer

Science (80 News), Technology (3 News), Health (5 News), Entertainment (2 News), World (9 News), (1 News)

Gokul, a young writer with the science background. Usually, have a strong desire for politics and history, hence his writings are mostly lined up with political updates, history covers, Science updates, technology news and rarely some movie reviews and events.

He is a good writer and a graduate with a background in chemical science and also got an immense love towards writing. His writings are mostly comical and sometimes serious. The concept will be explained in his own way which makes the content good for a read.