Casting Misses of Iron Man
5 Actors Who Almost Cast in the Iron Man Role revealed officially by the team and these actors almost grabbed the role and somehow things changed at the last moment...
Tony Stark is undoubtedly the most loved character of the Marvel family and the main reason for all the love is the performance of actor Robert Downey which attracted the audiences and garnered a huge fanbase. The attitude of Tony Stark with macho played by Robert Downey Jr has earned a lot of fans for the role and the Iron Man franchise. 
More actors were approached for the role initially before Downey was cast and somehow things didn’t go on their way for those actors and later the original actor filled the shoes of Tony Stark ‘The Iron Man’. Below are the actors who were considered for the role and dropped later. Check out the list of actors who were on a verge to be Tony Stark.
1. Nicholas Cage
2. Tom Cruise
3. Hugh Jackman
4. Sam Rockwell
5. Timothy Olyphant