BTS First Appearance in 61st Grammy Award Function

BTS crew in Grammy Award Function

BTS crew in Grammy Award Function

The South Korean Scorpion "BTS" was invited to attend the 61st Grammy Award, one of the leading awards in the American music industry.  The large number of media on the red carpet rushed to interview them. Captain RM revealed the new album is about to come out.

"There may be a cooperative song, maybe an artist will be invited to help out." But after saying he said, "Nobody knows." 

JIN admits that many big gamblers are "really excited". Also explained that today will be late, because the elevator is too slow,

and finally J-HOPE also wished for his the upcoming birthday (February 18).

The 61st Grammy Awards appeared today (11th) at 9:00 am Taiwan time. BTS was the first Korean singer to be invited to the ceremony, and their album "Love Yourself to 'Tear'" was even shortlisted for "Best Recording Package", but the award was finally won by Willo Perron's "Masseduction".

In recent years, the BTS, which has swept the world in popularity, attended the ceremony as the award winner and presented the "Best R&B Album Award". The captain RM led the six members to take the stage. After everyone took the final list, the 7 people congratulated the award. In the trophy that took over V, choked and said: "I can't believe it is just a mini album. I hope my team can come on stage, because this is not done by me alone! Then I took out the note. 

Thanks to the family, the company, etc., I confessed that I signed a contract with the record company when I was 13 years old. Thanks to them, I can stand on the stage of Grammy today, and I will cry all over the table."

Anna Kendrick, the Hollywood actress of Twilight and Songs, is sitting behind the BTS. She posted on Twitter that there are BTS saying that ARMYs (BTS fan names) are very Enthusiasm, entrust her to take care of them, "If you need snacks or other food, I will get it", a word for fans to smile and peace of mind.

BTS member has repeatedly mentioned that the goal is to attend the Grammy Awards. Last year, in the American talk show "Jimmy A.", she made a wish again, and now she finally dreams.  The BTS is also the first Korean singer to collect the Billboard Music Awards, the American Music Awards and the Grammy Awards. It is just before the end of the ceremony. 

Grammy's hashtag (TearItUpBTS: 370,000), (BTSxGrammy: 370,000), (BTSARMY: 1.01 million), and a total of more than 10 million on Twitter, the popularity can not be underestimated.

BTS First Appearance in 61st Grammy Award Function