Eliza Dushku Talks Sexual Harassment Complaints on the Bull Co-Star Michael Weatherly

Eliza Dushku. Image Source @elizadushku

Eliza Dushku. Image Source @elizadushku

Eliza Dushku said she rejected the local magazine request to comment on her story regarding the confidential settlement of $9.5 million she had received from CBS following her allegations of harassment against his former co-star of "Bull," Michael Weatherly. She believed that expressing herself would violate the terms of the settlement.

But Dushku felt compelled to defend herself after reading the magazine article in which Weatherly and producer-writer Glenn Gordon Caron were quoted that Weatherly and Caron would not react in accordance with our regulations. "Instead, everyone commented in a sense that consisted of more deviation, denial and twist. " says Dushku.

Dushku, 37, told her version of the story in an opinion piece for the Boston Globe. She alleged that Weatherly had started harassing her very early while filming CBS and that much of her unprofessional behavior was recorded on a videotape that CBS lawyers shared with her lawyers, during the settlement process.

A Local magazine by e-mail, saying he was making jokes during the recording, saying that was making fun of the text.

"When Eliza told me that she was not comfortable with my language and humor, I was mortified to offend her and immediately apologized," he said. Weatherly declares,"After thinking more about this, I understand better than what I said is neither funny nor appropriate and I am sorry and regret the pain that it caused to Eliza. "

Eliza Dushku Talks Sexual Harassment Complaints on the Bull Co-Star Michael Weatherly

But Dushku challenged Weatherly's interpretation of events was undeniably indescribably daily conduct and unacceptable in the absolute sense, she wrote for the Globe. "Everyone should be allowed to work without harassment. Weatherly sexually harassed on me, day after day and would have escaped me if it had not been filmed on a tape ... Reflecting on this whole ordeal, it often makes me think with sadness of the majority of the victims who do not have."

"Weatherly did all that. His conduct was unwelcome and directed against me, "said Dushku. "Looking at the recordings in the settlement process, it's easy to see how uncomfortable, voiceless and frozen he was. For Weatherly, this sounds like an extremely uncertain game of power, focused on the need to dominate and belittle. In no way was it neither playful nor joking with two volunteer participants. " 

As for Caron, Dushku downplayed the importance of Weatherly's actions as "fraternal" behavior and excluded her from the series 48 hours after her first encounter. a conversation with Weatherly. She also stated that Caron sent her away without the knowledge of CAS officials without her consent.

Dushku had stated that, as part of its settlement, she had asked CBS to hire a trained sexual harassment person to monitor Weatherly and the "Bull" set. She also asked to meet Steven Spielberg, whose production company Amblin co-produced the show. Dushku said the meeting had not taken place yet.

"I've always been a fan and I think if someone could make changes, it would be Spielberg," wrote Dushku. "Watching the Golden Globes and seeing Spielberg wearing a 'Time's Up' pin shortly after my payment made me particularly eager to meet him. "

Dushku said CBS had called her for the last three episodes of the first season of "Bull", with the goal of recruiting her for a multi-year contract alongside Weatherly. The local magazine published its article during the Moonves Inquiry, which had been ousted from the leadership of the In September network, 12 women said they had been subjected to abuse and sexual retaliation if they resisted.

Eliza Dushku Talks Sexual Harassment Complaints on the Bull Co-Star Michael Weatherly