Most Anticipated Horror Movie of 2019
Here is an exciting poll of most anticipated horror films of 2019, Vote for your most expected film and also see the surprising sequel topper in the results...
Most exciting movies are lined up for release in the year 2019 and the horror sequels are ready to hit the screens. The new IMDB poll is about the Most Anticipated Horror Movie of 2019 and it is the sequels which took the top spot in the public anticipations. Only the film ‘Us’ is the new film which came into top 5 and the X-Men franchise’s The New Mutants also came into the list of top 5.
Now check out the rankings of the film according to the top voted movies by the IMDB users and click this link IMDB to vote for your most anticipated horror film of 2019,
1. It: Chapter Two
2. Us
3. Untitled Annabelle Film
4. The New Mutants
5. Zombieland 2