Petta Hindi Full Movie leaked by Tamilrockers
Rajinikanth starrer Petta which has its Telugu and original Tamil versions leaked already, the Hindi dubbed version has also made it to the Tamilrockers Website...

Petta movie which is having a blockbuster run in Tamil is setting trends at the box office and the Telugu, Hindi dubbed versions are doing much at the box office as expected. The piracy site Tamilrockers has leaked the full movie online by the first day itself with its Tamil and Telugu version. Now after the release of the Hindi version, the site has released that version too.

The Hindi dubbed version was said to have getting average reviews with poor dubbing done for the film. After successful 2 point 0, this Rajinikanth film didn’t get much spotlight due to lack of promotions and Box office competitions. The Hindi version leak would further affect the performance at the box office for sure.

The movie is having a good run at the overseas market with a great performance at the US box office. The film has successfully grossed the 100 crore mark and will reach the 200 crore mark worldwide soon or later. Another biggie Viswasam which clashed with Petta is also doing good at the box office with equal share of screens for both the films.