Les Moonves faces Fresh Allegations of Sexual Assault

Les Moonves. Image Courtesy : wikimedia

Les Moonves. Image Courtesy : wikimedia

Former CBS executive Les Moonves is now caught by new sexual assault accusations.

Bobbie Phillips, the actress with her manager, Marv Dauer, make it to stage, reporting the Moonves moves to buy her silence after she accused him of oral sexual assault.

In a daily report, Bobbie Phillips claim Les Moonves cast her in a small part in the drama series - Blood and Treasure, show in an attempt to keep her quiet.

In the report, Bobbie Phillips reveals that she and Les Moonves met in 1995 when the meeting turned into consensual sex. Moonves disprove the claims.

'I strongly believe that the sexual encounter with Ms. Phillips more than 20 years ago was consensual,' he said in a statement.

Marv Dauer said that Moonves discussed ways to keep the allegations quiet. Apparently, he offered Phillips work in  'Blood And Treasure', which she declined.

'If Bobbie talks, I'm finished,' he reportedly told Dauer.

'I don't know how I got in the middle of this. All I know is that I'm a key witness with $120 million at stake,' said Dauer. 'I can't even imagine a sum of money like that... Yes, I did try to get my clients parts. That's my job. That's what managers do.'

These allegations led to Moonves resign his CEO position at CBS. The network is currently in the middle of investigating the sexual assault claims.

Les Moonves faces Fresh Allegations of Sexual Assault