Two Meal a Day would Control Diabetes, says the Head of the Department of Medicine, Dixit

Two Meal a Day would Control Diabetes, says the Head of the Department of Medicine, Dixit

Jagannath Dixit, head of the department of community medicine, Government Medical college at Latur, continued the research of late Dr. Shrikant Jickkar between 1997 and 2004. Dixit, several national and state awarder,  says that restricting our eating habit to two meals a day will control diabetes, since usually every meal, increase of insulin in the blood occurs, which in turn leads to obesity.  

The body uses glucose for energy if the insulin level rises and if the insulin level is low, it takes body fat for energy.  In between these two meals if one feels hungry he advises taking fluid drinks such as buttermilk or coriander decoction, tender coconut water or tomato slices.  This easy diet modification is effective to lose weight as well as keep diabetes under control.  In the globe, many face this obesity and diabetic problem, which can be reduced drastically by following this little diet changes.

More than 90% of the obesity people in the world suffer from type 2 diabetes, find difficulty on the body�s ability to use insulin to control their sugar level of the blood.  People suffering from type 2 diabetes are more resistance to insulin production and hence the blood sugar level increases automatically.  Regular exercises and calorie control diet should be ensured to the obese people, to cut down the body weight, thereby keep the sugar at bay.

Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas, it starts releasing when there is an increase in sugar level in the blood in normal persons.  Insulin combines with the sugar move to the body cells, where it is used as an energy source. In diabetes 2, the body does not produce insulin resulting in hyperglycemia.

Okra (ladies finger) slices soaked in water overnight, and water strained and drunken in the empty stomach and a teaspoon of soaked fenugreek seed soaked overnight, helps to reduce the blood sugar level as well as the body fat.

Also, fried horse gram seeds, when soaked in water overnight and taken in the early morning as drink helps to reduce body weight without any medication. An easy diet change can result in marvelous health results.

Green gram when soaked and sprouted, streamed for few minutes will control diabetes and be taken as a brunch to pacify hunger. Also, tomato slices or can be taken in between meals and high fiber content vegetables with one or two chapatis can be taken during lunch time as these fiber content vegetables take a long time to digest and hence the person does not get a hunger for a long time. 

Two Meal a Day would Control Diabetes, says the Head of the Department of Medicine, Dixit