Healthy Diet Lowers the Risk of Depression in Adults-Plos One Study

Healthy Diet Lowers the Risk of Depression in Adults-Plos One Study

Healthy Diet Lowers the Risk of Depression in Adults-Plos One Study

Healthy Diet Lowers the Risk of Depression in Adults-PlosOne Study: Food intake and depression are uncontrollable in the present generation adults. Francis and co-workers have analyzed a study focusing on the food and depression factor among young adults in Australia Macquarie University.

The study published a significant improvement in the depression range concerning diet factor in young adults in PLOS ONE journal. Always there is a myth of healthy life in consuming healthy greens, fruits, and vegetables compared to the intake of processed foods, a high-fat diet by the nutritionists and doctors.

The nutrients present in the Mediterranean diet foods like Blueberry, Beans, Almonds, Egg, Broccoli, Nuts, Olive Oil, Grains, etc., intake reduces the health risk; Many studies are revealing the diet and depression. But only a few studies come with the clinical trial.

Francis Study and Trial Result: Francis in Australia studied the association between diet and depression. Francis and Co-workers practically examined the study with young adults facing high depression with unhealthy diet patterns. Several studies proved that the consumption of Mediterranean food possibly reduces depression range in the individuals.

Diet and Depression Study : 

  • Francis, with his colleagues, made trials on nearly 80 students of the University with medium to high depression symptoms based on the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.
  • The team separated the students into two groups-Health Diet group and Normal Diet group. The three weeks study on the groups for examination done by Francis involving a health pattern suggesting the students to eat prescribed proportions of fruits, vegetables, greens, grains, nuts, low-fat dairy, lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs.
  • The Health diet group pampered with food intake, money, and weekly twice a call for the follow-up of the study.
  • The normal diet group in the study involved no change in their diet plan and informed to come after three weeks.
  • The trial team analyzed the depression range in the healthy diet group students noticing a significant reduction in the depression level.
  • The normal diet group does not show any change in the depression range after three weeks, too in the trail.

Healthy Diet Lowers the Risk of Depression: Study Trial Results , The trial study result showed a significant reduction in the depression range in the young adults of the health diet group. The change in diet pattern of young adults drawn the anxiety to normal in three weeks with mood improvement.

The study personnel followed up the trial with nearly 35 participants for three months. After three months of the clinical trial, nearly 20 adults following an uninterrupted healthy diet pattern had an improvement in the mood and low anxiety range.

The study in the small group of adults resulted in a reduction in the depression level compared to normal diet followers. Concluding the trial proving that a small change in our regular food intake to a healthy diet pattern helps people to reduce the anxiety range without any antidepressant pills or placebo.

Best and Heart Healthy Mediterranean Diet that increases Longevity

PLOS ONE open journal study focusing on the diet and depression of adults relies on the Change in normal diet pattern with increased consumption of Mediterranean foods and reduction in the processed foods, high diary fat foods directly reduces the mood swings, anxiety and depression of the adults, Francis.

However, every study has opposition and this trial within a limited period on adults has not accepted by many health experts.

Healthy Diet Lowers the Risk of Depression in Adults-Plos One Study