Onset of Flu Season- Parents refuse to Vaccinate, Public Awareness Needed

Onset of Flu Season- Parents refuse to Vaccinate, Public Awareness Needed

Flu season has started this November and it becomes a necessity for the parents to vaccinate their Children but parents are not cooperative.  Mott Children�s Hospital showed one-third of parents refuse for a vaccination.

It is a  shocking news for the world that about  180 kids died last year due to the onset of flu, 80% had not received the vaccination. Doctors say that parents listen more to their kith and kin, rather than the medical advice given in hospitals.

The duration taken for the vaccine to produce antibodies so as to protect against flu takes about 15 days.  So plans to be taken to get the vaccination as early as possible for this season.  CDC recommends that the flu vaccine is given by the end of October every year before the flu season starts in November.

Flu symptoms include fever, cough, cold, sore throat, headaches, muscle ache, body ache, fatigue or tiredness.  Annual flu vaccine is safe for protection against various microorganisms including several strains of influenza virus.  These antibodies fight against the microorganism and prevent from hazardous infections and from death.  Even pets need vaccination as they spread to humans.

If a person coughs or sneezes in schools or in any public places, they should cover it with a thick cloth, so as to prevent the spread of infection.  If they do not cover a cough or sneeze, it directly catches the surrounding persons or the infection land on objects nearby and if the other persons touch the infected object and bring the fingers in contact with eyes, mouth or nose, the virus enters the body.  If the immune system is weak in that person and could not kill off the virus, then they will develop symptoms within 24 hours to 72 hours.  So wash your hands with disinfectants if you go out to the public places.  Annual Flu start should be started to infants after six months of age.

It becomes the duty of all the mass media and the healthcare providers to create awareness and guide the public and instruct them with the right information about the flu shot and other related information, as they are left with misinformation from their friends or relatives.

Onset of Flu Season- Parents refuse to Vaccinate, Public Awareness Needed