Single Dose Vaccine for the dangerous Alzheimer Disease ready for Human Trial

Alzheimer Representational Image, Pixabay
Alzheimer Representational Image, Pixabay

University of Texas, SouthWestern Medical Center Researchers, close to the discovery of the new single dose-vaccine to prevent the dangerous Alzheimer's disease which causes severe memory loss and the patient affected by this were unable to perform their daily tasks. 

This vaccine reduces the accumulation of the toxic protein called ApoE4 that were responsible for the memory loss. This protein worsens the brain damage caused by the network formation or tangle formation of another protein and form clusters, which are responsible for memory loss.  Another generic variant of this protein, about 25 years ago, was identified as major risk factor because this variation increased the neurodegenerative disease more than ten times. But the reason why this variant was so hazardous was unclear.

DNA coding in the new vaccine preparation resulted in a good immune response, which prevents the built up for the two toxic proteins namely amyloid beta plaques and neurofibrillary tau tangles that kill the neurons. 

The technique to fight the disease through vaccine that stimulates the immune response of the body to destroy the toxic protein.  Though the two trials of vaccine preparation failed in the past, research have been continuously done to develop a secure and more powerful form of vaccine, to block the problematic autoimmune inflammation that hit down the earlier inventions.  Another invention of passive immunization to produce antibodies in the lab and administering to the patients proved to be costly.

Roger Rosenberg, Director of the Alzheimer's Disease Center has been working for many years for active immunization ( traditional method) that stimulated the immune system of the body to produce its own antibodies, which proves to be effective in inducing an excellent immune response.

Researchers say the findings that was published in the journal namely Alzheimer's Research and Therapy, could help for the clinical trials with humans.

The number of dementia cases would be reduced to half if this proves to be beneficial in human.


Single Dose Vaccine for the dangerous Alzheimer Disease ready for Human Trial

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