California Fire: Complete Death and Damage Report of the Costliest WildFire

California Fire: Complete Death and Damage Report of the Costliest WildFire

Wild Fire became the most devastating mishap in the history of California.  Despite firefighters' honest efforts, So far, 52 deaths had been reported,  and nearly 130,000 acres destroyed. Those who survived became homeless within a few seconds as the spread of fire was so quick. There are 232 still missing and this becomes the costliest fire outbreak as it brought about 10000 structures to mere scrapes including the celebrities' home.

About 9000 firefighters started their battle with the Fierce Fire. Large number of Power Saws and Dogs have been used to locate the victims. Some of the firefighters were seriously injured and were sent to the hospital. 

Wildlife experts are trying to determine the conditions of mountain lions in the Woolsey Fire Area. The official Twitter posted that Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, GPS data confirms 10 of the 13 known mountain lions appear to be alive and moving. Actress Sandra Bullock donated $100K to Humane Society of Ventura County to help with animal rescues.

Damages and Deaths reported in various areas of California:

Camp Fire

  • Location: Butte County
  • 135,000 acres burned
  • 35 percent contained
  • 49 fatalities confirmed, 3 firefighters injured
  • 228 people unaccounted for
  • 9000 structures destroyed

Woolsey Fire

  • Location: Los Angeles County, Ventura County
  • 98,000 acres burned
  • 40 percent contained
  • 3 fatalities confirmed,
  • 4 firefighters injured
  • Some 370 structures destroyed

Hill Fire

  • Location: Ventura County
  • 5,000 acres burned
  • 90 percent contained
The Brave Fighters battling includes, inmates from Volunteer Firefighting Program run by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation(CDCR). Meteorologist hopes for a heavy rain that can make the condition favorable for the Californians now.

The following are few of the aircraft that were used to battle California Wild Fires:

  • Boeing 747: Holds massive load of 24,000-gallon tank, disperse the water under high pressure while flying
  • DC-10: Can carry 12,000 gallons creates 300 feet wide and a mile long when dispersed, used only for special missions (usually fly for Pan Am and American Airlines)
  • Grumman S-2T: High-speed technology used for skillful tactics, used by U.S.Navy in the past, the aircraft can cruise at 305 mph with 1,200-gallon load
  • UH-1H: with the name �Super Huey� used as crew transport, water and foam drops, backfiring operations and infrared mapping (though initially used by the Army for Cargo transport)
  • CL-215/ Bombardier 415: Named as �Superscooper", takes the water of 1,621 gallons of water, directly drop onto flames after mixing with the foam retardants
  • Sikorsky S-70: Named as "Firehawk"

California Fire: Complete Death and Damage Report of the Costliest WildFire