Womans Body Constantly Aroused All Time, 21-Year-Old Opens Up

Image Of A Girl

Image Of A Girl

US woman Scarlet Kaitlin Wallen suffers from a rare disorder which keeps her aroused frequently with severe persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD) that keeps her in constant pain. This disorder has affected her personal life, and the doctors are monitoring her.


What is PGAD?


Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD) is a Medical condition where the patients in the case are constantly sexually aroused without any sexual activities. 

The condition is not a subject to make jokes about. The patients in this case are in constant pain, both physically and emotionally drained.

It is commonly perceived that this particular situation is enjoyable, however, the patients involved experience a great deal of stress and anxiety. Even though the patients may not necessarily be sexually desired, they are still aroused, which places them in a vulnerable position.


Who is Scarlet Kaitlin Wallen?


Scarlet Kaitlin Wallen is a 21-year-old woman living in the United States. Wallen opened up about her rare medical condition PGAD and expressed the pain in the condition.

Wallen said, "I'd been experiencing pain for as long as I remember. My vulva was constantly burning - it was like I was naturally aroused but I didn't want it". 

Wallen was six when she went through the pain that she expressed about the burning sensation in the vulva region. During her high school days, Wallen approached the doctor, and she confirmed with raw disorder PGAD. 


Treatment For PGAD Disorder:


PGAD does not have any proper treatment amidst its awful condition. The doctor recommends psychological treatments to reduce the stress and emotional issues of dealing with PGAD. 

Some doctors suggest pelvic massages which would help to strengthen and stabilize pelvic floor muscles.


Wallen's Hope A Life Without PGAD:


Wallen underwent surgery to have genital nerves removed in order to relieve pain and parts of the painful tissue were also removed to enhance her chances of having a normal sex life drive in the future. She is hopeful to live one day without the PGAD.

Womans Body Constantly Aroused All Time, 21-Year-Old Opens Up