Asteroids Into Spacecrafts NASA New Project

       Published : Jul 09, 2018 15:32 IST    
Asteroids Into Spacecrafts NASA New Project Asteroids Into Spacecrafts NASA New Project

Asteroids shall be turned into spacecraft so that they travel to the space outreach around any planets and this project is funded by NASA to a 3D printing company in California. about $100,000 shall be funded for feasibility studies. 

Like Columbus discovery of America, the space project named as RAMA (Reconstituting Asteroids into Mechanical Automata) shall turn the asteroids into spacecraft to perform the function of explorers and contribute to the analysis of distant space objects and the space colonisation shall be enabled in future.

By 2030, the asteroids shall be turned into vehicles using 3D printing technology. Seed Craft is the advanced robot system to be used for this long-term project for taking resources from the space rocks and use the same for constructing the spacecraft's navigation systems, energy storage and others for modifying it as an autonomous spacecraft.

After transformation, the spacecraft shall be made to fly to mining station in the space region between Earth and moon by programming. Tracking the resources in space and converting them into useful machines are critical tasks in this project as it needs lots of human efforts and since it is in the starting phase, there are lots more to develop in the first Seed Craft.

Asteroids Into Spacecrafts NASA New Project

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