Know the Best time to Watch this Summer's last Strawberry Corn Moon

Strawberry Corn Moon

Strawberry Corn Moon

Every year, the corn moon appears during September or October. This year's Strawberry corn moon is special. Every three years, when the moon is close to the autumn equinox and looks like a strawberry moon.

But this moon appearing with its best beauty on September 2, 1:22 AM ET is not the harvest moon. It is for the next month, October, when it will be closer to earth reports Old Farmer's Almanac.

Harvest moon VS Corn moon

Every year when the summer ends, the first full moon indicates the time for harvesting corn. The bright light from the full moon will help the harvesters work late in the night to complete harvesting in time. And the Native Americans hence call it a corn moon or harvest moon.

But since this year, it appears during the first three days of September, and it is only a corn moon and not a harvest moon. It comes next month in October as per the findings in the Farmer's Almanac.

When is the right time to see the strawberry corn moon?

Though the strawberry corn moon will be visible from September 1 to September 3, experts have confirmed the right time now. On September 2 night at 1:22 AM ET, people can enjoy the moon's full brightness and beauty on the backdrop of the dark sky. Hence people can either enjoy it today or best tomorrow, September 2.

The other names of Corn moon

Though Native Americans call the September full moon as corn moon, there are other names for it. The Europeans call it the Fruit moon as many fruits ripe at the end of summer. Chinese call it the Ghost day as the full moon day, September is the Ghost month in the Chinese calendar.

Celts call it the Wine moon due to the Vindemiatrix star, which refers to the grape gatherer. Get ready to enjoy the corn moon today or tomorrow night to forget the Coronavirus worries or, in that case, any concerns to sink in nature at its best.

Know the Best time to Watch this Summer's last Strawberry Corn Moon