High-carbohydrate diet helps for Longer Life and Prevents Dementia

High-carbohydrate diet helps for Longer Life and Prevents Dementia

Complex Carbohydrates refers to whole grain foods and starchy vegetables containing high amount of carbohydrate,  however, helps to increase the life span as well as prevent Dementia (memory loss) and the possible risk of Alzheimer�s  disease ( destroys memory and eventually destroy the thinking power of the brain). The people suffering from this disease would not be able to carry the daily tasks in an effective manner.   Sweet potato is a perfect food, which contains lot of carbohydrate in addition to other nutrients.  Bananas are also rich in carbohydrates with rich vitamin and minerals.  Brown rice has more starch and vitamins than the polished rice.

The researches of Boston, USA, found that the people who consumed the diet containing less carbohydrates are 20% more risk of premature death.  According to the professor Le Couteur, the hippocampus responsible for human memory deteriorate if low-carbohydrate and high-protein diet are taken.  But high-carbohydrate with low-protein diet  appeared to promote the cells efficiency, thereby increasing the memory of the brain.  

The study conducted by the Australian University claims that high carbohydrate diet can promote Human Longevity or increase in life span in the human by improving the health of the heart and digestion.

Dr James Pickett, Head of Research at Alzheimer�s Society found that high-carbohydrate and low-protein diet appears to promote healthy brain in mice but not sure of human brain.  But there were evidences that the people of Okinnawa who were taking their traditional diet rich in carbohydrate and poor in protein lived long and had good mental ability..

Researchers at Sydney University fed the mice from complex carbohydrate rich food and protein rich food such as chees and stated the same results.

The people all over the world have no time to concentrate on their balanced diet, but complete diet containing all the nutrients including the possible vitamins and minerals helps a  person lead a healthy life.

High-carbohydrate diet helps for Longer Life and Prevents Dementia