Reintroducing Mammoths Could Possibly Help Regaining The Genuine Environment

 Reintroducing Mammoths Could Possibly Help Regaining The Genuine Environment

Reintroducing Mammoths Could Possibly Help Regaining The Genuine Environment

Scientist of genetics is now working a lot to get back those large woolly mammoths that extinct back in time some thousand years ago. Last Month the renowned genetic professor George Church of Harvard University who leading the Harvard Woolly Mammoth Revival Team had disclosed that using the gene editing technique genetics could possibly have an ability to create cold proof elephants that possess the vitality of surviving the coldest temperature like Mammoths. 

Professor Church restoring the cold proof extinct giant in the north parts of the earth could possibly help the humans to pull up the shield against the global warming. Initially, these words sounded completely lost. He continued that the genetically modified elephants could help in restoring more friendly ecosystem when the elephants tip out the trees that keeping the north warmer during the winter and balance the environment.

According to Church these modified elephants could topple the trees of the north and make way for cold air to reach the soil and keep it cold according to the environment in the winter. This would end up in highly cold soil and a rich environment by encouraging grass to grow and reflect sunlight in a normal way.

Mammoth steppe is common in northern parts of the globe during the timeline of Mammoths. The place which is rich in grass growth and rich in the ecosystem. But the mammoth steppes have been vanished away and covered with a thick blanket of snow in time after the extinction of the giant and other cold surviving mammals that lived in the time period of mammoths. 

Professor Church continued, snow is like a cold proof blanket that separates the permafrost ground that holds rocks and soil from the cold breeze and keeps it warm forever. This makes the northern soil to always feel warmer under the thick snow. If we reintroduce those giants again in the north could regain the mammoth steppes again in the north by vanishing the cold blocking trees and thick snow. 

Professor Church is really believing that replacing those giants could possibly replace the genuine ecosystem that lost in the past.

Previously he announced that his team had already pulled out some mammoth genes and resurrected successfully but growing out an entire mammoth in the womb of a female elephant without hurting it is an unreliable process. Hence they decided to make that through In Vitro process in the lab. 

The scientists are hoping to grow the embryo in a Decidua(an artificial womb) that made from stem cells which have its own tendency of blood flow that possesses the ability to support the life in an artificial manner.

According to professor George Church, he and his team is not aiming to bring the same kind of large mammal to the present but a most similar hybrid of it with the help of their closely related cousins.

This vision of introducing the mammoth gene will help the elephants to run away from extinction and pouching as this new gene introduction may possibly hike the size of its tusk.   

Reintroducing Mammoths Could Possibly Help Regaining The Genuine Environment