Galaxy Note 9 Special offer Upto 450$ to USA Customers

       Published : Aug 09, 2018 19:39 IST    
Special exchange offers from 2 Years old Mobiles. Special exchange offers from 2 Years old Mobiles.

Most expected mobile of this year is Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Recent Note 9 promo videos has created huge expectations among viewers and Galaxy Note 9 hitting 1st on world to have 1TB storage capacity over Smart phone segment. Most of Internet users already waiting for Galaxy Note 9 official launch Video today. 

Though Galaxy Note 9 did not create much physical difference from its previous version Galaxy Note 8, still its hitting everyone's mind to go for exchange with most Speed, Spacious and long last battery version on Galaxy Note 9. Samsung now utilising this opportunity among USA customers by giving them huge exchange offers - 4 top brands Samsung - Google - Apple and LG. Coming to Samsung exchange, get $300 easy exchange offer on your 2 years old Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Even if you have crack on your edge screen, its time to upgrade.

Samsung has very limited conditions like Good battery life with phone in working condition, no liquid damages, no custom OS installed. You should have its headphones, charger and if you have boxset, good enough. Customers should send the device within 15 days from receiving new Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Do not miss this opportunity, reserve your new Galaxy smart phone with your old smart phone here Samsung Trade in

Galaxy Note 9 Special offer Upto 450$ to USA Customers

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