Mobile Data Drains More Battery Than In Wifi Network

Mobile apps drains battery life

Mobile apps drains battery life

Recent research says in 2018 WIFI network saves more battery comparing to Mobile Data usage. Few years back there was not much mobile apps introduced and mobile internet usage was very low. Most of apps upgrades and app connectivity related process will be advised to WIFI network, so when users start WIFI, usually battery drains soon. In recent days, app developers did not plan to restrict more options on WIFI network with more app connectivity process. Apps just requires internet connectivity process to complete its actions, even in Mobile data. So it keeps checking Apps notification process, updates and all other process. Which makes battery drains faster and no difference in Wifi network.

Its better to follow some methods to save battery life in smart phones. 

Turn off mobile data when you are not using the internet. You can use Settings - Battery - battery usage and click the icon in the top right end. Click Turn off mobile data when the device is locked. Choose the variety of ranges from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

Use sleep mode - Goto Settings -Lock screen and password - Sleep. You can select the duration of inactivity. The usual range is from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. The usual option is 1 minute.

Reduce your sounds for ringtones and media play. You can use the quick and easy shortcut is to click the volume down or up button in the right sidebar. By default, it shows only for volume adjustment. Click the down arrow, now you see three options first for volumes and next for media and final one for alarms.

Reduce down the brightness. Drag down the up screen( or quick settings in the notification tab) and select the brightness bar to the minimum.

Select Battery saver mode. Goto Setting - Battery - battery saver.

Turn off Bluetooth. Drag upside bar down in the main screen, quickly you can see if Bluetooth are still ON or not. Turn off if it's not used. 

Use headphones instead of direct media volume play or through Bluetooth, it consumes more battery life and you can enjoy the media better.

Mobile Data Drains More Battery Than In Wifi Network