Face Detection System

Face detection system for passport: UK government Home Office spokesperson confirmed the launch of a face detection system for its passport photo checking service.

It is against its recent report received by through FOI request that it is aware of the problems of passport photo checking service.

The research carried out earlier had found it challenging to identify people who are very dark or light and to provide an acceptable passport photograph.

Home office says the users can override the photo checker and proceed with their passport application. But, their website warns people of problems with their use if the photo does not meet the specified rules.

FOI request on face detection system for passport checking service

Last week’s report from the Home office received through FOI or Freedom of Information request confirmed the inability of the face detection system by the passport photo checker.

The said report was obtained by campaign group MedConfidential which confirms, that the government is taking a stand of image analysis of black people not working anywhere is the same with our attitude.

Earlier complaints on the face detection system

Due to its failure to accurately detect faces of dark people, the face detection system has been previously criticized before. There is a case also pending from 2017 in the court.

Their photo app called a black couple as gorillas. The UK service wrongly suggested a black technology officer at Keele University as her eyes were closed and her mouth was open.

UK’s Equality and Human Rights Commission have come up strongly with the new launch of the UK government. It states that a person’s race should not be a hindrance to use technology for essential public service.

The current face detection system for the UK government’s passport photo checking service will cause hardship to the ethnic groups with darker skin and needs reconsideration or use of superior technology.

UK Government passport photo checking service with Face Detection System for Passport