Gmail In New Look By Next Month

Gmail In New Look By Next Month

Since 2011, People using Gmail in mobile have been using Arial font which has been used primaryily in the Android operating system till now. Many of us may not even aware about the font. It is through this Arial font, mobile users looked at their mail messages from dear ones,office colleagues, spam messages, phishing links etc..sers might get bored of Arial font.

As a change, Gmail redesign including modification in Google Calendar was reported by the Verge and Android authority this week. Also, the additional "snooze" feature shall remove a email temporarily and show it later.

According to the recent updates, Product Sans (resembling futura) shall be the font for Gmail interface  (example, menu items) while Roboto (like Arial) shall be the font for Gmail messages. The new fonts are created by Google hoping for a positive response from Gmail users.

Though the font change in interface does not affect much, the change in message fonts will give a new experience. The important differences are noted in letters Q,j,i, symbols such as $,?. Importantly, character spacing is larger in Roboto than in Arial.

Already, Google is providing smart replying options at the bottom of a email page on mobile Gmail. Now, the feature will be available on web Gmail also. Additionally, by the side of email messages, tasks can be listed datewise for planning and review with the option of Google Calendar above it.

Three views could be availed in Google such as Comfortable view, default view, compact view. A default view shows the attachments while the comfortable view does not. As it names reveals, the compact view consolidates more email messages in a single page. Mobile users were already familiar with the switching over between the views according to their convenience.

By next month, after the Google I/O developer conference, the new look of Gmail is expected to be revealed.

Gmail In New Look By Next Month