Canada Suspended Flights From India and Pakistan

Canada Suspended flights from India and Pakistan due to increasing covid

Canada Suspended flights from India and Pakistan due to increasing covid

Canada suspended flights from India and Pakistan for 30 days due to the outbreak of COVID 19. Canada has already stopped the flight from Britain last December.

The emerging if new variant made the Canadian government strict the country with rules. Canada has joined hands with Hong Kong, U.K, Pakisthan ad New Zealand to limit the fly from India.

Transportation Minister Omar Alghabra addressed the press and said the Canadian government is suspending the flights from India and Pakistan.

Health Canada said, in 18 flights from Delhi and two flights from Lahore to Toronto or Vancouver, at least one patient is tested positive for the last two weeks.

This rule came into existence from 11.30 pm Eastern time Thursday. These rules are not applied for Cargo flight as it carries vaccination, personal protective equipment, and other essential goods.

And in recent days. Alberta found a variant on Thursday. British Columbia tested 39 cases, whereas Quebec city found the first cases of New variant.

Overall Covid cases are found to be 1, 155, 841 where the death is 23, 822 with the recovery count of 1, 045,248. Yester 9000 new positive cases are found where 11,154,823 people are vaccinated.

India has exceeded 3.5 lakhs of new cases in a day with the gradual increase of death counts. People are fighting for their survival in the hospitals.

The patients are under the sheets of oxygen shortages and beds. The unexpected incidents that are happening in the country are making the public to get panic.

Two days before, an oxygen cylinder got leaked in Mumbai hospital, and 22 patients died suffocating. And early today, a hospital burst out in fire, and 11 patients died out of it.

People have started to get vaccinated after the awareness of the government. Due to these increasing Covid Positive cases, Canada has restricted travel to Maharashtra.

Canada Suspended Flights From India and Pakistan