Donald Trump Uses the Game of Thrones Strategy for his Iran Sanctions Promotions
The recent tweet of Trump with the poster of himself with the quote of Sanctions are Coming written in the famous Game of Throne Font is making noise at Social media...
President Donald Trump in the idea of increasing the excitement of people for his Iran Sanctions, has used a different strategy to get the attention of everyone. Trump through his twitter handle, shared a poster for his upcoming Iran Sanctions using a Game of Thrones dialect tone. Not only the quote, but also the same font of Games of Thrones has been used in this new poster featuring Trump.
The Poster featured Trump along with a quote SANCTIONS ARE COMING and November 5 written below that. This indicated the sanctions are coming with a bigger impact against Iran that the govt is planning to have a maximum attention from the citizens. Last time the sanctions were made by Barack Obama during 2015 and after that, this one is expected more.
The White House revealed that this would be the toughest sanctions regime ever imposed on Iran. Meanwhile, the promotional idea of Trump is really a surprising move as the team even is not aware of the action and they didnt seem to be happy with that either. HBO said that they arent aware of the messaging and wouldnt prefer to be misappropriated for political purpose.
It is to be noted that the Game of Thrones family has no fans for President Trump and most of them at once have shared bizarre comments about him. Actress Maisie Williams quoted the tweet of Trump and teased by saying Not Today in her Twitter. The final season of the series is expected to be premiered next year.