Pimples and Excessive Facial Hair Growth in Women-World's Greatest Beauty Problem

Pimples and Excessive Facial Hair Growth in Women-World's Greatest Beauty Problem

Acne or Pimples becomes one of the major beauty problems in teens.  It becomes reduced drastically when the teens attain 22 years of age or almost to �No Pimples� after 25 years of age.  The human skin is the largest organ of the integumentary system (protective covering to the various microbial organisms and prevention of excessive water evaporation). But the oil gland that secretes oil gets contaminated with the bacteria prove to be the breeding ground that results in pimples.

The girls at their teens secrete both female sex hormone called estrogen & progesterone and also male sex hormones Testosterone. Some girls break in acne or pimples depending upon the tolerance level of the excess secretion of Testosterone, resulting in a hormonal imbalance. Other causes which aggravate the condition may be improper sleep, inappropriate food habits that include excessive sweets, chocolates, ice creams and junk food that causes irregular bowel movements. Intake of plenty of fruits and vegetable with high fiber intake forms bulk and results in good bowel movement.

The oil from the oil glands become hardened to form the whitehead and blackheads. When the oil becomes infected with bacteria, it forms into papules (pus-forming ) and become pimples.  The infection spreads, when a person touches the infected pimples and touch the other parts of the face with the infected fingers. Treatment depends on the degree of infection and the body�s acceptance level of Testosterone.

This male hormone Testosterone is responsible for excess facial hair growth in a woman, which becomes major health concerns of a woman even in an older woman.  But for the male, the secretion of this Androgenic hormone helps to build body muscles and changes in voice during adolescence. The best method of removing the facial hair is waxing, which does not have much side effects.

Evacuating the bowels, in the early morning, as soon as the person gets up, proves beneficial.  Frequent intake of warm water (plus a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar) induces bowel movements. Also, intake of Triphala tablet in the previous night helps for good bowel movement. The warm water helps to remove the excess fat and impurities in the blood and induces bowel movements. Also, two to three drops of lemon mixed with honey taken before breakfast help to get a healthy skin.

Best Pimple Treatment: External Application of freshly prepared neem paste (tender red leaves of neem tree with turmeric powder) and apply on the affected areas, will do wonders.  It stops the bacterial growth and clear pimples within a week. Application for Turmeric powder on the body and face reduces the male hormone secretion and thereby controls facial hair growth in females

Pimples and Excessive Facial Hair Growth in Women-World's Greatest Beauty Problem