Research Findings, Vaping Weed more dangerous than Smoking

Research Findings, Vaping Weed more dangerous than Smoking

Researchers have found out that vaping (inhale and exhale the vapor) produced by an electronic cigarette will make higher than if it is smoked.  Research conducted by the Johns Hopkins Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit in the US found that Vaping is a way more effective than conventionally smoking the same amount of Marijuana.  Weed had become legal in Canada. 

About 17 participants were given marijuana containing 0 mg, 10 mg or 25 mg of Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC)-which gives a change in moods through smoke and vape and they were made to fill in a questionnaire, and they underwent many physical and Cognitive test.  Weed becomes more effective when it is vaped, according to the research. 

The study showed that 25 mg of cannabis is at the skyrocket status whether it is vaped or smoked. But 10 mg was much power when it is vaped than it was smoked. A study reveals vaporized cannabis produced greater pharmacological effects and high concentration of THC in blood than when it is compared with smoking, which had been published in the America Medical Association's open network journal. 

Heart rate peaked within 30 minutes after this cannabis intake and it returned to baseline after 3 or 4 hours on an average, Psychomotor impairments lasted or up to 6 hours, the researchers highlighted that the amounts they used were less than those sold in shops. 

The highest dose of cannabis intake in this research of 25 mg, which amount to 0.19 g, 13.5% THC) is smaller and less THC concentration than what is in pre-rolled cannabis cigarette available commercially in shops with 10 g of cannabis containing 18% concentration, according to the study.    

Research Findings, Vaping Weed more dangerous than Smoking

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