Researchers say e-cigarette Damages your Heart

Researchers say e-cigarette Damages your Heart

Researchers say - e-cigs damage your heart

Though traditional cigarette cause more damage than the e-cigarettes, there is an high risk of heart damage.  This notion created another billion-dollar company to emerge.  Kids were addicted to the is e-cig more than the adults.

The tobacco consumers are more prone to cancer and death in their latter part of their life.  Almost all adult smokers started smoking when they wre kids,  Almost more than 90 % started their smoking before the age of 18 and 95% by the age above 20.  Only 1% start their smoking begin above 25 years of age. 

Though vaping might be better, nearly 20% of middle and high school students are taking this.  There were no honest studies in e-cig industry, a small concentration would be dangerous for health.  The people became addicted to the new flavors in the market like mang, Mangu, Gummi Bear, Blue Raz Cotton Candy as they are varieties available to attract the consumers.

Under continuous pressure from the public, Juul, which covers about 70% of the e-cig market in the United States, announced that it would stop selling most flavored items in retail outlet.  FDA plans to lower the nicotine in cigarette to a non-addictive level could decrease the chances that the future generations become addicted to cigarettes.  This helps the more addicted smoker to quit this habit easily.

Juul Lab is giving $30 million to independent research organizations to fight this habit.  The transparency about the studies and the research would help the future generation to fight against the obesity problem in the consumers.  A study at the university of Birmingham found that vaping liquid produce cytokine, responsible for heart disease.

American Heart Association confirmed that all type of cigarette traditional or e-cig cause endothelial cells to produce endothelial cells to produce less nitric oxide responsible for the damage of the heart muscles.  Also producing less nitric oxide, result in constricted blood flow, main reason for the regular smokers for the damage of the heart.

FDA took the correct decision to stop the smoking habits in kids, to prevent future potential smokers who are more prone to disease and death.  Recently FDA had worked enormous steps to combat the youth using e-cigarette.

Researchers say e-cigarette Damages your Heart