3D Ghost Gun designs banned online: Bill passed after the court hearing
Senat Democrats passed the bill to ban online designs to make a 3D printer gun, Those untraceable guns may lead to severe consequences and law break by the criminals...

Possession of 3D printed guns is illegal for a long time in the US and the current release of a blueprint of making a plastic gun by a gun rights group has created debate in the US law enforcement. The Texas-based Gun Rights group posted the plans of making a plastic gun which can be easily printed with a 3D printer and they deleted it after oppositions.

It is reported that the moment it is posted, a lot of people downloaded the data and can be circulated easily on other online platforms. The Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said to a media that 3D ghost guns are banned and the law is nationwide, so it cannot be encouraged by any means. A federal judge argued that uploading such design manuals online will help terrorists and criminals to misuse it and may cause serious issues.

Bill Passed after the court hearing

Another issue with the ghost guns is that it cannot be traced by any means and so, people can easily misuse it in various situations that may cause trouble for innocent people.

The Senate Democrats passed a bill, making it illegal to publish a 3D-printer gun design online.

The second bill in coming days will require the designs to include a metal piece in the gun with a serial number to make it traceable.