Alaska Mother Arrested for Killing her Babies; Searched How to Kill and not get Caught on Web
Mother of two dead babies is arrested and charged for the killing her infants at a gap of 9 months between each murder by suffocating, she searched on internet how to...

The disturbing that took place in Alaska is the talk of the town which involves a mother charged for the murder of her two little babies in a span of 2 years gap. The first baby died in September 2015 while the second incident happened during November 2017 and the investigations have been carried out since then and finally seem to have come to a near clarification.

The 23-year-old Stephany E. LaFountain was arrested on Thursday, following the case of the death of her babies. The one-year-old baby was found to be not breathing and after brought to the hospital, she was reported dead. This took place before 9 months while the investigations were going on in the meantime.

Police got aware of the death of her first baby in 2015 that involved the same breathing suffocation as the cause of the death of the 4-month-old baby. After all the investigations, the mother of the babies was found guilty and been arrested and charged with first and second-degree murder cases said the Fairbanks police, Chief Eric Jewkes.

The 9-month enquiry brought some new leads for the police that turned the death of the babies as a killing spree. The Fairbank Police found that the mother of the babies used the search terms like “How to: Commit the Perfect Murder,” ways to suffocate,” and “16 steps to kill someone and not get caught.” 

The Husband of the accused was out of town while he is brought back and proceeded with enquiries that suggested that he had no connections to the crime committed by the mother according to reports. It is not clear about the 2015 death regarding the period of search terms used in the computer of the accused.

Since the babies were healthy without any ailment issues, the case looks strong against the mother and it is reported that she did not enter a plea set for $2 million while the next hearing in court is scheduled on September 5.