Donald Trump makes a tweet which says Diwali is celebrated by Jains, Buddhists and Sikhs but ignores the fact that Hindus are the majority of those who celebrate it.
Diwali is a celebration of inner light within man. It represents victory of light over evil. India is a Secular State and Diwali is celebrated by almost all religion in India like Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhs. The 42nd Amendment of the Constitution of India came into force in 1976, announcing India to be Secular State. They celebrate the same day for a different reason.
Hindus:  Hindus celebrate Diwali with lights and crackers to welcome Rama after 14 years of forest life and defeated the demon King Ravana.  This is the victory of good over evil.
Buddhist:  They celebrate this day as Asoka is converted to Buddhism on this particular day and denote this as Ashokas Vidayadashami. They Chant Mantras on this day.
Jains:  They celebrate this day because Lord Mahavira achieved Nirvana
Sikhs:  They celebrate the homecoming of their Gure Har Gobind Ji from the Prison.
However, Trump failed to mention that Hindus are the majority celebrating this big festival of India, thus offending them. 
Donald gathered with Indians of Various Religious background to Light a Diya and opines that it was a great honour to host a celebration of Diwali in the Roosevelt Room at the White House with the special people. The comments of the president Trump on Twitter with an omission of Hindus in his first tweet, resulted in storms and cyclones in the social media The first tweet described Diwali as a “holiday observed by Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains”.  In India, the Holidays of one religion are being enjoyed by many religions. 
After his tweet landed in a huge controversy, he made another tweet referring Diwali as a Hindu festival.