Full Face Transplant Successful for a Young Californian Man

Full Face Transplant Successful for a Young Californian Man

Cosmetic Surgery transform a disproportionate face to a well-proportionate and improve the beauty of the face.  Celebrities take this surgery as it helps them to beautify them and to improve their physical appearance.  For more youthful appearance, face lift, forehead lift, neck lift, eyelid or chin surgery helps to cut down their age. 

Body improvement surgery includes liposuction, breast modification, and flat tummy or tummy tuck.  In cosmetic surgery, minimal invasive procedures use new technologies such as laser results in reduced pain, less scarring and quick recovery for the patients.  Recovery time needs only two weeks for healing. 

A team of surgery experts got a tremendous victory in face transplant of a young man named Cameron UnderWood, aged about 25, who brought upon a gun injury on his own face.  He lost most part of his lower jaw, teeth, nose, maxillary and palate. 

The experts used facial skin from a donor to replace the injured man�s face as well as remodeled his bone structures.  They were led by Dr. Eduardo D. Rodiguez, chair of the Hansj�rg Wyss Department of Plastic Surgery at New York University.  

The surgery was performed on January 5, 2018, which took about 25 hours and ended successfully on the next morning.  Starting from this surgery, they performed several follow-up procedures to correct the defects and now report on their marvelous achievement and transparent over the techniques used by them.   

Several cutting-edge technologies were used in the surgery.  It required 3 D computer surgical planning technique.  The surgeons used the middle and lower part of the face to complete the transplant. 

They replaced lower and upper jaw with 32 teeth and gums, mouth, eyelids, cheeks, the nasal portion of the man.  The surgeons were amazed that Cameron responds well to the transplant and they established patient-donor matching protocol and immune suppression regimen was found best in him.  

Full Face Transplant Successful for a Young Californian Man