Almost all children who develop AFM experience fever, cough and weaknesses in muscles before three days of their paralysis and 106 children were affected so far...
Virus Attack on US Children- polio-like paralyzing illness, 106 confirmed cases-According to U.S for Disease Control and Prevention
According to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are 106 confirmed cases in 29 states this year, Acute Flaccid Myelitis, a viral infection that attacks the nerves of the spinal cord and results in paralysis as in the case of polio.  About 90% have been children, and an increase of 5 from the previous week.
This virus attacks the gray matter of the spinal cord and causes muscle weakness and immediate paralysis reported.  Some victims of this disease use ambulatory aid for locomotion and some others who paralyzed from the neck down were able to breath only with the help of a ventilator.  There is no vaccination or cure for this dangerous disease.  Parents fear that the deaths are underreported by the CDC as this would cause commotion in the state.  There is no known cause either.  
Almost all children who develop AFM experience fever, cough, and weaknesses in muscles before three days of their paralysis, reported CDC last week.  Public fear that a toxin or vaccine of some other may trigger AFM or may  be the lack of sanitation.  Polio virus easily spreads from feces into the water supply or by touch of the food with the infected hand.  
Like polio, this AFM would be highly contagious, direct contact with a person infected with the virus cause to spread this paralyzing infection.  The parents of the infected children criticized the agency as they are too slow to take immediate action to the outbreak.  However Kristen Nordlund, CDC spokeswoman states that the agency had appointed 14 disease detective officers from the Epidemic Intelligence Service to submit reports periodically.