HIV- AIDS Day's theme of this Year "Know Your Status Early"

HIV- AIDS Day's theme of this Year "Know Your Status Early"

Alban Bagbin, belonging to National Democratic Congress says the test should be made mandatory for the presidential and parliamentary candidates to take the test of HIV/AIDS as part of their qualification processes so as to remove the stigma associated with the disease. World's HIV day is celebrated on December 1, every year and its theme this year "Know Your Status" reflects in all the countries.

Australia had introduced the HIV blood test at Home through a small Kit so that the remote areas get easy access to the blood test at their doorstep. Australia HIV strategy focus of eliminating HIV disease by 2020.  Its ambition can turn into victory by easy testing for HIV and early diagnosis before it spreads 

Leo Varadkar, first prime minister of Ireland in his twitter account made public that he received a Rapid HIV Test in a clinic in Dublin at Ireland, to raise awareness and to encourage people to come out of the stigma and know their status as quickly as possible.  He said it took him only a few minutes and painless, negative for HIV. 

Ghana, West Africa found HIV among the youth below 24 fall a victim to this deadly disease due to lack of knowledge about this infection.  It becomes the duty of the state to preserve the health of the youth first than to create employment opportunities or active participation in the development of the country or their involvement in politics.  A total of about 15, 000 people died of HIV in the year 2016, according to the AIDs commission at Ghana. 

HIV test can produce results within a minute or two from a few drops of blood from a finger prick.  As a part of the Government Sexual Health strategy, he invited the people after his bold initiative step, to take the test free in a network of clinic around the country.  He also announced that the Irish government plans to introduce first PrEP  

(Pre-exposure Prophylaxis) the program next year, through this method, it prevents from spreading through one's body.  

HIV- AIDS Day's theme of this Year "Know Your Status Early"