Israel And Palestine Conflict: IDF Clarification Over Rafah Air Strike

Israel And Palestine Conflict

Israel And Palestine Conflict

Israel provided a video stating that they are not behind the massive residential attack that happened on May 16 in Rafah. Israel mentions that they will look into the matter and give a solid reason behind the huge attack that shook the world.

Israel Vs Palestine:


The conflict between Israel and Palestine began a century ago due to the partition that divided the two territories. Unlike in other countries, the division of land between them is complex and has led to many problems. This issue escalated into a major conflict in 2023, drawing in many people to both sides, and resulting in significant suffering for the people of Palestine.

In the conflict between Palestine and Israel, the group Hamas has been targeted by Israel, not the people of Palestine. This has led to a division among the global public, with some supporting Israel, some supporting Palestine, and some supporting Hamas. 

Israel Defence Forces Clarification Video:


Israel, in their IDF (Israel Defence Forces) X account, mentions the Rafah incident, stating that it was not their plan to attack the refugee camps and that they targeted two main Hamas members who were 1.7 km away from the residential areas.

The members they tracked were "eliminated" and added that the fire must have been ignited by weapons that were placed near the building. Israel also claims that there are food supplies for Refugee residential areas, which Israel is accused of not providing.

Israel claims that Hamas is starting the battle, which is the reason they react to it and end up in the tragic incident. Further, they claimed they would look into the matter and explain the reason behind the attack.

This view from IDF brought up a lot of controversies and common people worldwide started to be concerned about the welfare of common Palestine people and children. This was trending on social media with an hastag 'All Eyes on Rafah'.

Israel And Palestine Conflict: IDF Clarification Over Rafah Air Strike