New Cure for CoVid: Dexamethasone takes charge to control the world pandemic

New Cure for CoVid: Dexamethasone

New Cure for CoVid: Dexamethasone

The coronavirus, which began spreading in China last year, has hit the entire world. So far, around 1.8 million people worldwide have been infected with the coronavirus. Nearly 4,45,000people died.

So far, medical experts are struggling to find a drug that can treat the virus. Dexamethasone is a corticosteroid drug that is used to treat inflammation, skin allergies, rheumatoid arthritis and several autoimmune diseases.

The dexamethasone trial has been carried out among 11,500 patients over 175 National Health Service Hospitals in U.K and the trial has been stopped to conclude on June 8. More than 2000 patients received a low dose of corticosteroid once a day for about ten days, while 4000 patients were treated with a typical method.

In the meantime, medical experts from Oxford University have expressed hope that the drug Dexamethasone will heal people who are severely affected by the coronavirus. Also, this drug is a widely available drug at a very low cost.

This reduces the chances of death of patients placed on a ventilator by one third. Meanwhile, Patients with oxygen deprivation reduce their chances of death by one-fifth. Five thousand lives could have been saved if the drug had been used since the beginning of the coronavirus infection in Britain.

Experts say the drug will help countries that are most severely affected by a coronavirus. The drug reduces the death rate and, in turn, increases the survival rate of patients who are prone to the novel CoronaVirus.

Professor Peter Horpy, Chief investigator of the study and Professor of Emerging Infectious Diseases in the Nuffield Dept of Medicine, University of Oxford, said it was the only drug found to reduce the mortality rate of Covid patients so far.

This reduces the death to a large extent. This is a huge improvement in the research zone of the UK since many drugs are in the trial all over the world to find a treatment protocol for the deadly contagion.

Professor Chris Witty, England's Chief Medical officer and Department of Health and Social Care's Chief Scientific adviser, said, "This dexamethasone trial result is the most important one for CoVid-19. Significant reduction in "Mortality" in those requiring oxygen or ventilation from a widely available, safe and well known drug will save more lives".

British Prime Minister Borris Johnson enthusiastically opens up that the trial result by Oxford Study is a valid markable cause to celebrate and the drug will serve many people all over the world to recover from the CoronaVirus.

In the UK, Nearly 2,00,000 dexamethasone steroids are in stock and the government ensured that more drugs will be created for patients in the future to curb the CoronaVirus.

The long-lasting war with CoVid has finally hit some treatment protocol from the UK trials. The country advised the world to start treating with Corticosteroid drug immediately as it is very cheap and easily accessible.

New Cure for CoVid: Dexamethasone takes charge to control the world pandemic