Bradley Cooper calls A Star is Born as the most full-filling Artistically
The debut directional film of Bradley Cooper is getting praised all over the world and he says it as the most fulfilling feel artistically after making such a film...

A Star is Born is the recent sensation of Hollywood and the debut directorial film for Bradley Cooper who has also co-written, acted and produced the film. The actor for the first time took the helming seat along with acting role and also proved with his skills and talent that made his film as a top contender for the Academy Awards Best Picture and other categories.

The director, actor said to a media in his recent interaction that the film was the most fulfilling artistically that hes ever been. The biggest challenge according to him was to keep going on the long process which he compared with a dark tunnel where the light on the other half cant be seen. Keep on going and digging before finding anything.

The film A Star is Born is a promising film and is sure to make its presence in the Oscar nominations. A number of categories awaiting to get featured and awarded in Oscars like the Best Picture, Best Original Song and Performance awards along with one for the director for his outstanding directing skills in his debut venture.

The movie released last weekend in the United States and getting highly positive reviews with a huge opening for such a small scale film. With more international markets waiting for its release, the film is waiting to make big numbers along with the critical acclamation it is getting already.