Flu Giant entered California and swallowed an Elderly Person

Flu Giant entered California and swallowed an Elderly Person

Flu entered Los Angeles County, Southern California and killed an elderly person and this first death for this season compelled the officials to convince the public to take the flu shot before they become a victim. It can spread to everyone irrespective of their age if their immunity is weak. 

Health officers alert the people that even healthy persons are likely to get infected and spread the virus to others.  He added that immunization is one of the best possible way to control flu and through immunization a person can help from spreading. 

Every year, influenza demon kills 12000 to 49000 people mercilessly and send more than 700,000 people to hospital separating them from their kith and kin.  Last winter 80,000 people fall a victim to the flu, which was the deadliest season since 1976, said Kristen Nordlund, a CDC spokeswoman. In the year 2011-2012 the flu-related deaths were about 12,000 and the next year, it had a steep rise to about more than 55, 000 people. 

Flu-related death this season started in Kern County, California according to a health official, Matt Constantine.  He is giving a sound alarm to the Americans to wake up early and have their vaccination before it spreads. Kern County Public Health are ready with $9 flu shots, Monday through Friday in their clinic at East Bakersfield. For details contact 321-3000. Last year 180 kids fall an easy prey to the flu giant, which moves the heart of all the parents.  

The officials alert the people of different regions saying that the last time the flu spread to different regions of the country, and was not confined to one place. Last Year about 50% of pregnant women received the flu shot as the immune system would not be strong during pregnancy. Flu during pregnancy can harm the baby, so it becomes the duty of the pregnant women to take immunization as instructed by their healthcare providers. 

Infants should start their vaccination after six months of age, according to CDC. Children going out to school are most prone to this infectious flu and flu shot should be given without any negligence from their parent�s side, who refuse because of the wrong information they get from the kith and kin. 

Person hygiene such as washing hands with antiseptic lotions, covering your sneeze and cough with a thick cloth so as to prevent it from spreading, avoiding closed auditoriums or cinema theatre which may hold contaminated air due to the presence of large crowds inside, would help to control flu from spreading.

Flu Giant entered California and swallowed an Elderly Person