The lipid-lowering issue medication is not a healthy practice while the natural food would do wonders for treating the disorder...
Cholesterol is necessary for normal cell function of the body but very high levels result in atherosclerosis (plaques build up in the arteries and block blood flow). Statins, blood cholesterol-lowering drugs block the action of a liver enzyme, which is responsible for manufacturing cholesterol. They are prescribed to lower the blood cholesterol level. These drugs should not be taken by pregnant or lactating (breastfeeding) women. The person with liver diseases or who take excess alcohol should avoid Statins medications.
Medications with Atorvastatin and Rosuvastatin are more powerful when compared to Fluvastatin. These medicines are sold under several different brand names in the market. Researchers at the University of Bristol, England that usually prescribes medicines with pravastatin and atorvastatin impairs memory and decreased recognition efficiency in their animal study.  Statins show an increased risk of cataract in human eyes by 27% according to the research team at the San Antonio Military Medical center. The two most dangerous side effects include liver failure and damage of the skeletal muscles resulting in decreased perform in the daily task. 
When Statins are used in combination with some drugs that carry high rhabdomyolysis risk (muscle pain which results in muscle breakdown, finally kidney failure, and even death). Avoid taking medications and change your diet habits. Taking warm water in empty stomach dissolves the excess fat in the blood, frequent warm water drinking habit will do wonders.
Taking cooked horse gram(Macrotyloma uniflorum) which has high fiber once a week, and taking of fiber-rich vegetables including beans, cabbage and other green leafy vegetables and sprouted green grams will help to reduce the cholesterol naturally without medications. The horse gram is very cheap in the market that has good nutritional value including a high content of iron(which helps in anemia) and many vitamins including vitamin B and Niacin. It also lowers blood sugar level.  The seed coats contain antioxidants and sprouted horse gram is very healthy.
Sprouted fenugreek also helps to lower cholesterol and helps the heart and reduces excess sugar in the blood. Flaxseed also helps to reduce cholesterol and lowers blood pressure.