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Air Pollution affects Cognitive ability and leads to Low score in Verbal and Math Test: Reveals Study

The recent study conducted by the National Academy of Sciences reveals the worse effects of the increased air pollution nowadays. The previously observed results seem to be altered by the current rate of pollution and the significant impact of the polluted atmosphere looks dangerous for the older men particularly.

The cognitive tests conducted by the International Food Policy Research Institute of China over 32,000 people revealed that the exposure of polluted air is majorly affecting the children around the age of 10 in the years 2010-2014. 

The shocking fact is that the decline in the cognitive skills of people has a possibility of leading to the cause of various dementia forms. The rate of pollution is increasing mainly found in the developing countries where most of the people get low average incomes.


The World Health Organisation reported that the poor people are mostly getting affected by this pollution as the rich one has various methods to avoid pollution like the houses in China buys gadgets that filters pollutant gases.

Millions of residents lack the quality in terms of the environmental factor and fall short of the guidelines of WHO to stay away from hazards. 75% of the deaths caused by pollution in nations like India, China are from rural, is the shocking reports. 

Air Pollution affects Cognitive ability and leads to Low score in Verbal and Math Test: Reveals Study

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