New Vaccine found for complete Cancer Diagnosis: Anti-PD-L1 tests successful
A new research found a vaccine to completely destroy the cancer cells and cure the disease ensuring that the cells never enter the body again, research is further carried

Scientists have reportedly come up with a successful vaccine for the cure of Cancer in the human body with a new combination over cancer vaccines would fight against the cancer cells and results with a complete destruction of the cancer cells and also the prevention of further recurrence of the cells to the vaccinated body.

Prof Boger and Dr Beutler developed this vaccine by adding Diprovocim (which is an adjuvant) to a cancer-fighting vaccine forming a new combination that showed exciting results as a milestone in the medical history after they got the testing results.

The test of the newly designed vaccine was tested a group of mice, among which eight of the mice were injected with simple Cancer Vaccine while another group of eight mice received a vaccine with added alternate adjuvant, alum and the last set of mice got the vaccines with Diprovocim.

The results were quite astonishing, seeing the newly designed vaccines showed 100% survival rate of the mice after 54 days of surveillance while the results of alum added vaccines gave 25% survival result and the normal vaccines showed zero percent survival rate that gave a boost to the medical industry seeing the never seen before results for a disease like cancer.

Adding to the obtained results, those survived mice with new vaccines when fed with cancer tissues, didn’t allow it to enter ensuring that it also acts as a prevention of the disease. The new vaccine is reported to fight with the cancer cells by increasing the potential of the immune system and the vaccine doesn’t need to be injected to a tumour directly instead it is an intramuscular injection that requires 2 dosages with 7 days gap for the result to be obtained.

The Tollbridge Therapeutics, LLC, had licensed the patent of Diprovocim while the professors acknowledged with a financial figure to the concern for the new discovery of the vaccine.