Drinking Alcohol in Pregnancy Affected Many Briton-Born-Children

Drinking Alcohol in Pregnancy Affected Many Briton-Born-Children

Any pregnant women and those who plan for a pregnancy should avoid any kind of alcohol completely including wine resulting in mental and emotional disorders. The UK has the fourth highest level of a pregnant woman using alcohol in the globe.  

Researchers published that 17% of total children were affected by their mother's alcohol drinking habit when they are in their womb.  It is really sad to know that it had affected 1 in 5 Britons.  The children are affected by fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, which affects the children lifelong as they are constantly affected by exposure to alcohol in the womb of their mother.   

FASD causes a variety of developmental delays and other physical symptoms like poor growth, cerebral palsy, a small head, autism, and learning difficulties.  Alcohol in breast milk may result in lower cognition in children.  About 80% of Britain women who are pregnant take alcohol not thinking about the consequence. 

If a pregnant woman consumes alcohol, it passes through the umbilical cord, enters the fetus, and thus affects the brain and other parts of the body very severely and the normal growth is completely absent.  In US 1 in 20 children are affected by alcohol drinking when in the mother�s womb. 

If the mother is exposed to alcohol or smoking, the born child suffers from anxiety and depression problem.  This may affect them in school or social life.  A child with Fetal alcohol syndrome has narrow eye-opening, lack of ridge above the upper lip, and nervous problems. 

Just in case if she is addicted to these bad habits, she should attend recovery programs before she plans for a pregnancy.  The government should take necessary steps to publish the possible methods to stop the alcoholism in the mass media or should keep lessons about the bad effects of alcohol during their school study and include syllabus to educated the children about the ill effects of alcohol and to prevent them from addiction from childhood to build a healthy nation with better citizens in future.  

Drinking Alcohol in Pregnancy Affected Many Briton-Born-Children

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