The decades-old successful series Fantasy Island is to be adapted as a film, Dave Bautista is set to play the lead role to be directed by Truth or Dare maker...

The Drax of Guardians of the galaxy is hitting the headlines for a while, yesterday for his Tweet on James Gunns signing for the Suicide Squad and now he is said to play the lead role in the upcoming fantasy drama titled as Fantasy Island which is an adaptation of a TV series of the same name with seven seasons between 1977 to 1984.

The interesting story of the series is about a man overseeing a mysterious island where people could live out their fantasies for a price and Bautista is set to play as a former guest in the island who unwillingly remains in the island. The series was a highly engaging piece with dark and supernatural elements throughout the seasons. The film adaptation of the series is a sure shot idea if smartly stuck to the content.

The maker of the film Truth or Dare Jeff Wadlow is directing the film and also writing along with his with his co-writers, Chris Roach and Jillian Jacobs. Blumhouse Productions is making the project along with Sony Pictures and the production of the film is scheduled to start by the mid of January 2019. Official confirmation is awaited from the team while the casting ideas are under discussion for the film.