Stretch Marks - Easy Preventive and Eradicative measures in Pregnant Women

Stretch Mark Image - Wikimedia Commons
Stretch Mark Image - Wikimedia Commons

Stretch Marks are the major concern of woman as they reduce their long preserved beauty of a human. They appear on the skin as a result of rapid stretching of the skin associated with rapid growth in youth.

Excessive stretching and contraction break the collagen fibers(primary component of the connective tissue) that give strength and Elastin as the name suggest (protein that coil and recoils like a spring for the elasticity property).

Stretch mark is a huge concern for all women globally especially celebrities. This can be easily prevented by an important ingredient Castor Oil, which penetrates into the skin and boosts the production of collagen which softens and hydrates the skin. Application of some castor oil on the skin of the stomach and thighs starting from seven months of pregnancy, until childbirth is proved to be a perfect remedy for stretch marks. This application aids for easy normal delivery.

During normal delivery, application of castor oil just before entering the labor room will definitely prevent the breakage of collagen tissue and almost no marks will be noticed in the stomach after childbirth.

Castor oil (derived from castor seeds) rich in antioxidants contain Vitamin E (that lighten the intensity of marks) protein and Omega 6 and 9 fats (responsible for rich textures of skin and hair).  It also lightens pimple mark or other birthmarks.

Castor oil is well known for its anti-bacterial properties ( bacteria is responsible for more pronounced visible marks ).  It is beauty treatment for skin and hair.  So it is used in wrinkle reducing cosmetic preparations.  It helps in hair fall, premature greying of hair and promotes healthy hair growth. Pure Castor Oil with no additives can be used to beautify the eyes, used even from infancy to adulthood as a lubricator for the eyelids and eyes.

Stretch Marks - Easy Preventive and Eradicative measures in Pregnant Women

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