This Is The Worst Plastic Polluted Land Mass On The Earth

 This Is The Worst Plastic Polluted Land Mass On The Earth. Representation Image credit: Monica Volpin

This Is The Worst Plastic Polluted Land Mass On The Earth. Representation Image credit: Monica Volpin

We polluted an innocent pacific island indirectly for years and made it one of the worst polluted heritage site in the world. Henderson Island, alone tiny land mass in the center of Pacific ocean is known to be a place that completely polluted by plastics on earth. We fellow human beings celebrating the Earth day every year when April comes. We celebrating earth day for almost a half a century but the earth still kept polluting. Obviously, one thing is for sure, we celebrate earth but failed to protect it that literally make us celebrate the pollution of the earth. 

We started celebrating earth day in 1970 almost 48 years have been swept away but we still keep doing the same. Now the 2018 earth day is mainly focused on plastic pollution as the plastics are considered as one of the most important sources of pollution. It seems it took a half century to make the decision over plastic proliferation. 

PLastics are one of the most important households for every single person across the globe. Plastics are one of the vast applicable property to make human life so easy so the necessity of the plastics enlarged soon after we stepped in the 21st century. We started using plastics in every action, after the use we threw it, thinking that can be recyclable but unfortunately those thrown up things end up in a mass landfills.

The hardest point is everyone knows that the plastics are polluting our closest surrounding but we can't stop using them. Also, it is polluting some innocent land masses indirectly. Henderson Island is also one of them.

Henderson Island is an asset of British in the south pacific ocean located 120 miles away from pitcarian islands. The inhabited island is a small land mass with only an area of 37.3 sq miles. The island is known for its remarkable diversity that homes some short of 51 types of plant species and very few bird species. But fortunately considered unhabitable by humans because of its low freshwater content. 

In the year of 2017, a team of scientists lead by Jennifer Lavers from Institute of Marine and Antartic studies ant the University of Tasmania surveyed the Henderson Island and found nearly 19.4 tonnes of plastic rubbish all over the shore of that small land mass. According to their survey, the team found 671 plastic rubbish items for every 11 sq ft. 

Yes, of course, its is unhabitable to humans but how it gets polluted by this much? Lavers said plastic that reaches the seashore all over the world get drifted by the water of strong current. The ocean current delivers some of it amount to the island. The scientists claiming that they have found some plastic rubbish that comes along from a long distance places like US, Europe, South America, Russia, Japan etc...

The island is hitting the headlines of pollution constantly for the past four years even though UNESCO designated the island as a World Heritage Site. 

Like said above we celebrating the earth day every year but we failed to protect it.

This Is The Worst Plastic Polluted Land Mass On The Earth