3 Killed and 3 injured in Maryland Shooting; Shooter shot herself dead
The fatal shooting took place at Maryland outside a distribution company killing 3 people and injuring three before shooting herself by he shooter...

A worker at the Rite Aid Distribution Center shot randomly at her co-workers and killed 3 people while 3 were injured before shooting herself to death. The name of the suspect and victims werent revealed by the police while investigations are carried out to find the motive of the incident.

The 26-year-old female employee of the company arrived at the office as usual but not a regular day it was. She unexpectedly started shooting at her co-workers with her pistol starting from outside the building and then walked inside the building shooting.

One of the employees of a furniture logistics operation Mike Carre said that he was terrified by the incident and ran to the restroom when he heard gunshots and called 911 for the emergency. Then after the shooting sound stopped he came and started helping the injured people.

The shooter was reportedly carrying a 9 mm Glock Pistol which she bought legally and purchased some magazines for the gun recently. The suspect got 3 magazines and used it while shooting before she shot herself, while 7 people including her were admitted to the nearest hospital.

The shooter died in a few minutes after taken to the hospital due to fatal gunshot injuries at the head and also three other victims were reported dead. The injured victims were investigated by police to find out the reason behind the incident before revealing the identity of the victims and the suspect.