Florida Shooting: 2 Killed and 10 injured in Jacksonville video game Tournament
A gunman fired at public at Jacksonville video game tournament on Sunday that killed 2 people and injured 10 at last, the gunman shot himself dead...

Two people were killed and around 10 were injured in a shooting held at the video game tournament in Jacksonville, Florida. 24-year-old David Katz is the gunman who held the rampage among the public as a single person and at last shot himself and died.

The Gunman reportedly entered with the motive of rampaging the crowd and took the gun from the bag, started shooting at the crowd randomly with continuous shots as said by the sheriff Mike Williams after investigations with the spot victims.

David Katz was said to be part of the gaming tournament for ‘Madden NFL 19’, while Sunday he took a handgun with him to shoot the people at the tournament. Authorities suggested that Katz was the EA Sports championship winner in 2017.

People from the spot reported about the incident, while Marquis Williams and his girlfriend Taylor Poindexter said that they were ordering Pizza at the bar and heard two gunshots initially. They thought that it might be balloon popping, but there were no balloons. After that, continuous gunshots were heard and people started running out of the Jacksonville Landing.

Police have put barricades around the building and the SWAT team along with bomb squad secured the area and searched for the possibility of threats. The Sheriff office warned the people through Social media to stay safe and avoid entering the shooting zone until it is cleared as safe.