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Man Shot dead in his Dallas Apartment: Warrant Issued on Police Officer who shot the Innocent

Botham Shem Jean was reportedly shot dead by a female police officer on Thursday night amidst of some confusion as said by the Dallas police. The man was declared dead after being shot by the officer and a warrant has been issued on the police officer has been taken into custody and issued a warrant for killing an innocent man.

According to the police chief, the officer finished her duty time of over 14 hours dealing with high rated crimes and left to her apartment by Thursday night. She mistakenly thought Jean’s apartment as her flat and started struggling with the keys inserted in the door. Later when Botham opened the door, she shot him with her service weapon while the exact information about things like if any arguments took place between them is still unknown.

The officer thought that some intruder has entered her flat and only realised that it’s her neighbour’s one when the police unit entered the apartment after she called 911 for the emergency. The identity of the police officer is not published and maintained in private for unknown reasons. Jean was rushed to the hospital while he was pronounced dead in minutes he was taken.


The irresponsible act by the police officer is condemned by people in social media and the medical examiner is about to investigate the blood samples from the crime scene to know about the content of alcohol or drugs in the body. Jean’s mother was so worried about her son’s death and demanded justice for the death. She questioned that how could one not know whether it’s her apartment and go to an extent of killing a person. 

She along with a lot of people in social media were bothered about the treatment of this case and is seeking the right justice and also called it as a racial injustice been done to this man looking at the way some media and the officials handle this case. Meanwhile, a vigil against Police discrimination is organised by mothers to take place by 7 p.m. 

Man Shot dead in his Dallas Apartment: Warrant Issued on Police Officer who shot the Innocent

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