Favorite Oscar Winning Biopics of all-time: Spielbergs Masterpiece tops IMDB Polls
Check the poll result of favorite biopic dramas of all-time which won the Best Picture Award in Oscars so far, Spielberg's picture beat Mel Gibson's epic drama...

Biopic dramas are always a platform for the filmmakers to make a completely epic product and all these years, makers have surprised the audience each time with biopic films. Right from the famous personalities to the inspirational and also negative figures were portrayed onscreen with an utmost authenticity. Most of the films got nominated for the Academy Awards too while some won the best picture award. 

Apart from the documentary kind of biopic, the cinematically made pictures got a wide acclamation in global market too. While the film like Brave Heart, apart from winning awards also won peoples heart to become a blockbuster. Mel Gibsons epic directorial film which he also acted in the lead role has found a spot in this list too, but behind the film directed by Steven Spielberg.

All the film in Top 5 list belongs to the 90s and periods before that, except A Beautiful Mind, The King’s Speech and 12 Years a Slave are the only 20th century films in the top 10 list. The upcoming biopic Vice starring Christian Bale is looking for such an honour both in the box office and critically to impress everyone with a marvellous making that is seen in the trailer.

IMDB Poll Result for Oscar Winning Favorite Biopic Drama: