Sci-fi Netflix series Maniac gets immense Positive Response from the Audience
The recently released sci-fi series Maniac starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone is a huge winner and getting positive response for its immense treatment and story...

Maniac, the sci-fi series starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone released and getting praise from all nooks of the Netflix users. The series is highly acclaimed by the viewers for its mind-bending structure and brilliant story with execution impressing all sort of audience.

It was said as instantly iconic and brilliant while the stars Emma and Jonah seems to have performed amazingly in this sci-fi drama which is worth watching for everyone. The retro-futuristic mind trip is what mentioned by a Twitter user who described watching the series filled with fun and existential crisis.

The mind-bending concept that confuses to figure out what is happening until the mystery breaks down at a point is enjoyed by the audience with a thrilling mood. None of the recent shows made such a psychological impact like the Maniac is doing while some of the old series like The Dark did so earlier.

It seems to be on the lines of Eternal Sunshine and the Spotless mind, matrix and Inception in terms of the thinking level of the audience being driven by the series to find the happening of the series. First three episodes are what said as the most confusing experience by most of the viewers while after that some knots seems to have opened in the series.