Second Trailer of Creed 2 makes an Action-Packed Emotional Impact: Jordan as Creed Impresses
The Rocky franchise is seeing its eighth film and the stand-alone sequel of the previous movie Creed is releasing soon while the second trailer of film looks promising...

Creed 2, the sequel of successful and critically acclaimed movie Creed and it is also the eighth instalment of the Rocky Movie series. The first part was highly acclaimed for its content and the making which made all the audience go awe with the inspirational factor on the male lead fighting against odds and stands as a perfect legacy after his father late Apollo Creed.

The first trailer of this film created a considerable buzz but not as much as the first parts impact. Though, the movie had its expectation due to the success of its prequel. The recently released trailer makes a shout out to the action fans making a good impact, setting the expectation meter at a right level enough to open big in the box office.

Michael Jordon who made a splendid performance in the first film this time face a new and highly challenging task of facing the son of the boxer who killed his father Apollo Creed and his son too appealing as that he would kill Jordan in the ring. The hard training of Jordan and his companion Tessa Thompson playing as a supportive role alongside Creed is expected to come out as an inspirational drama also starring the star actor Sylvester Stallone, the hero of the Rocky Franchise. The movie is releasing on November 21, 2018.