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Healthy Diet Lowers the Risk of Depression

Healthy Diet Lowers the Risk of Depression in Adults-Plos One Study

Healthy Diet Lowers the Risk of Depression in Adults-PlosOne Study: Food intake and depression are uncontrollable in the present generation adults. Francis and co-workers have analyzed a study focusing on the food and depression factor among young adults in Australia Macquarie University. The study published a significant improvement in the depression range concerning diet factor in young adults in PLOS ONE journal. Always there is a myth of healthy life in consuming healthy greens, fruits, and vegetables compared to the intake of processed foods, a high-fat diet by the nutritionists and doctors. The nutrients present in the Mediterranean diet foods like Blueberry, Beans, Almonds, Egg, Broccoli, Nuts, Olive Oil, Grains, etc., intake reduces the health risk; Many studies are revealing the diet and depression. But only a few studies come with the clinical trial. Francis Study and Trial Result: Francis in Australia studied the association between diet and depression. Francis and Co-workers practically examined the study with young adults facing high depression with unhealthy diet patterns. Several studies proved that […]